Doing the Great Commission

BLCM is a mission-focused church concentrating in evangelism and supporting missionaries as they sacrifice to go and spread the gospel to every nation...

Evangelism is the central ministry of the Brampton LIghthouse Christian Ministries. It's aim to help save people from their sins and have eternal life thru our Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelism is done biblically where everyone is encouraged, equipped and mobilized to engage themselves with others in any way possible to share the Gospel (Acts 8:4; 11:19-21). All families are also encouraged and equipped to evangelize everyone therein. All Cell Group members are encouraged and mobilized to invite others to join in their Cell Groups and attend the church’s Sunday Worship Service and gatherings. In Cell Groups and in Sunday gatherings, all who are invited will be evangelized. All members should always bring Gospel tracts wherever they go and distribute them to people in all opportunities.

BLCM is also engaged in helping and supporting missionaries not only within the church but also other outside Christian channels where the word and work of God is being shared for everyone's salvation.

"God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supplies." H. Taylor