Worship ministry


Inviting the Presence of the Holy Spirit

The Praise & Worship Ministry plans and oversees the weekend services, special worship emphases and events. And to provide worship resources to the rest of the church.

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

Worshipping God is a major activity of both church and individual believer. The church as a body of redeemed people shall gather together regularly to worship God by bowing down before His holy presence collectively, regularly, and reverently with songs of praise, prayer, music, offerings, meditation of His Holy Word, and other meaningful gestures of faith. Worship on the other hand is also a major activity of a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the person’s mindset, discipline, and lifestyle as he/she walks every day. Worship is done wherever, whenever, and whatever way possible. It happens when the person is conscious of God’s presence in his/her life. In everything that the person is doing, the Lord’s Name be praised (1 Corinthians 10:31). A person can worship anytime and anywhere by praying, singing, giving thanks, by showing love to others, by helping and being kind with others, and by living a morally and spiritually upright life.  All members are encouraged to do it in their own private time and place.

Brampton Lighthouse Christian Ministries is gathering every Sunday, 3pm as a family of God to worship God together. All members are encouraged to attend. This devotion of the church emanates from the life of the early believers seen in Acts 2:42-47. Our persistence is our response to the calling that we should not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25). Our worship service is open for all people who are looking for a place where they can worship. We encourage then our own people to invite others to join.

Any of you who is looking for a place to worship and find fellowship with other believers, we invite you to join us every Sunday, 3pm. For more details, you may contact us through phone at (289) 233-9950 or through email; contact@bramptonlighthouse. org