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Church Growth Devotion - Witnesses to Our People

Today's Devotional by: Ptr. J. Stewart

Today's Scriptures:  Acts 13:31


"And for many days Jesus was seen by those who had traveled with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. They are now His witnesses to our people."

As Christians, we are meant to be Christ’s witnesses to other people. We are called by God to mainly serve Jesus in our local communities, so that others may be attracted to Christ. In churches, congregations, and house groups around the world, Christians are constantly developing programs to go out into the world around them, bringing their neighbors the good news of salvation, and compassionately supporting them in times of trouble, distress, and suffering.
The purpose of any church is to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples. This involves learning about God in worship and Bible study. We build up our knowledge of God’s words and ways, so that we will be confident about what Christ is saying and doing in the local community. We then find practical ways of applying what we learn, so that we can be effective witnesses who care about the critical needs of others.
Every community has its different groups of people in need, which is why there are so many different churches in the world. Churches don’t exist to peddle a competitive Christianity. They are alive in order to augment, embrace, and support the constant work of the Holy Spirit, both at home and abroad. We are all called together to be Christ’s witnesses to our people.
Questions for personal reflection:
What ministries and missions, both at home and abroad, do I feel called to support? How am I witnessing for Christ in my life?
Lord Jesus, You have called us into the service of Your Kingdom through the positive words and ways of other people. We are a part of Your Church because someone led us to You through their commitment, service, and devotion. Enable and encourage us to find similar ways to attract other people to You through our witnessing and support. In Your Holy Name, we pray. Amen.