The Power of Unity - 4 of 4

by Web Admin, 2 months ago

The Power of Unity

Today's Devotional Scriptures:

  • John 17:13-24
  • Ephesians 4:3-7

When you go to hear an orchestra, many times, the first notes you hear are chaotic as each individual player warms up on their instrument. The violin player plays her own tune. The oboe player plays his own tune. And the result is cacophony. But when the conductor walks onto the stage, all of the players submit to his direction, and beautiful music is the result.

In other words, there is strength in unity. There is power in unity, and unity glorifies God like nothing else. The book of John records the longest prayer by Jesus recorded in the Bible. The main concern of that prayer is unity among God’s people, which signifies the power and importance of unity. Jesus prayed for all believers, in all times, to become unified. When the body of Christ comes together with one common purpose, we can change the world. We must work together across racial, cultural and socio-economical boundaries to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to a dying world. 

Since unity is so important to Jesus, it should be just as important to us. Take a few moments right now to pray for unity in these areas: your personal life, your family, your church and your community.