BLCM Cellgroups



As a big community is an important part of healthy church life, BLCM also believes that small groups are actually crucial to the life of any church.

When the gospel is preached to one another in close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that changes us individually and as a whole. That change causes us to position for an outward focus and encourage gospel transformation in the communities outside the church walls.

As much as gathering with the whole of the local church for corporate worship, there is also something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room, a small classroom, or a dining room table, and now obviously from our own electronic devices that forces us to think differently than when we are in a big room for worship.

Currently, we have four active small cell groups (Youth, Young Adults or 3GS, Brampton, and Mississauga) and are aiming to plant more in the near future. We believe that these small groups are where much of the theology taught in our pulpits begins to be fleshed out in conversation and action. BLCM wants our church to be on mission, teaching it from the pulpit and equipping our people to wrestle with it in small groups. And from there, significant spiritual transformation will arise and multiply.